A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Art exhibits are boring.


Because artists can't reshape the room, break the laws of physic or even break down a single wall for the sake of presentation.

... Or, can they?

No, they can't. Not in real life.

Hence this Unity-based little "game", where you'll finally be able to enter an exhibit designed and built by the artist, to see the artist's work.

Sounds a bit self-indulging?

That's because it is; but so are regular exhibits.

So go ahead, pop in and be part of the future of the Art world now! (except is has already been done quite a few times but nevermind this time it's using Unity 5)

Side note: anti-virus software as Avast may think it's a virus. I've reported the file for analysis to Avast, but until the job gets done, trust me, it's not a virus (I'm way not clever enough to make one). So you may have to create an exception for the game in the options of your anti-virus software.

Feel free to contact me at:

Install instructions

Download and run as you would do with any other Unity game.Be advised that it's only able to run on x86 or x64 systems.


exhibition.rar 220 MB
exhibition.app.rar 232 MB
exhibition_linux.rar 229 MB